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Justice & Advocacy

The Edmund Rice Centre for Justice and Community Education takes action on the pressing social justice issues that affect First Nations People, refugees and asylum seekers, and those impacted by climate change.  

Areas of Focus

The Centre’s work focuses on; Pacific peoples affected by climate change, Refugees and asylum seekers in Australia and internationally, and First Nations people. We aim to raise awareness about the causes of poverty and injustice and the need for human rights to be respected and advanced. We continue to advocate for the needs of groups who are systematically excluded locally and globally. Through initiatives like our justice walk, we also continue to promote social action that engages people in the work for social change.

Our Initiatives

Pacific Calling Partnership

The Pacific Calling Partnership exists in response to Pacific Islander calls for solidarity in the face of climate change. Science tells us that atolls such as Kiribati and Tuvalu will become uninhabitable within the next 30 years due to the impacts of climate change. Across the Pacific, we work with communities to nurture leadership potential, highlight the unique cultural identities, and address the specific challenges they face.

Asylum Seekers and Refugees

Our work focuses on calling for a compassionate response to global displacement, providing crucial support and advocacy that enables individuals to rebuild their lives with dignity. Our purpose is to influence policy and legislation to ensure Australia’s immigration system is compassionate and aligns with international obligations.

First Nations Peoples and Reconciliation

We aim to amplify Indigenous voices, promoting cultural understanding and reconciliation. We support our First Nations brothers and sisters in their continuing efforts to secure the core principles of voice, treaty and truth, as stated in the Uluru Statement from the Heart. Building on two decades of advocacy, we remain committed to elevating Indigenous voices.

Our Impact

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Social Connection

Our initiatives build strong social connections among young people, fostering a sense of belonging and community. Through group activities and collaborative projects, participants form meaningful relationships with peers and mentors. This support network reduces feelings of isolation and encourages a culture of mutual respect and cooperation. By promoting inclusivity, we help young people feel heard, valued, and understood, enhancing their sense of belonging.


Building resilience is key to our approach. We put young people at the centre of their own decision-making and choices. Guided by mentors, they face challenges during activities, experiencing the rewards of their courage and learning to adapt and recover from setbacks. This resilience improves their mental well-being and prepares them to face future obstacles with confidence.

Individual & Community Empowerment

Our programs emphasise the importance of individual empowerment. By fostering a sense of autonomy and encouraging young people to take initiative, we help them become advocates for themselves and others. Empowered young people are more likely to engage in leadership roles and drive community development projects. This empowerment helps young people become change-makers in their communities.

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