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Our Impact

At Edmund Rice Community Services (ERCS) every day can make a difference.

For over 40 years, we have delivered programs, activities and advocacy that benefit individuals and communities. Each year, we walk alongside more than 6500 children, young people, families and communities across Australia.

How We Make An Impact

Social Connection

Our programs provide opportunities for meaningful social connections, fostering a sense of belonging and community. 

Through group activities and collaborative projects, participants form meaningful relationships with peers and mentors. 

This support network reduces feelings of isolation and encourages a culture of mutual respect and cooperation. 

By promoting inclusivity, we help young people feel heard, valued, and understood, enhancing their sense of belonging.


Participants in our programs have opportunities to experience new and challenging activities. 

With the guidance and support of mentors, they strengthen their self-belief and improve their self-management skills. 

Participants are able to overcome challenges and are intrinsically rewarded when they experience success. They also learn and recover when experiencing setbacks. 

Resilience improves mental well-being and prepares participants to face future obstacles with confidence.

Individual & Community Empowerment

We put people at the centre of their own decision-making and choices. 

By encouraging autonomy and taking initiative, we help people become advocates for themselves and others. This paves the way for people to become change-makers in their communities. 

Our community-led approach enables the voice of the community to be heard and understood. 

We empower communities to influence decisions that matter to them.

Programs That Inspire A Better Future

From our first Edmund Rice Camp in the 1980s, we now offer 40+ unique programs, activities and initiatives that create life-changing impact across three areas of focus.

For Children, Young People and Families

We run camps and day programs for children and young people (aged 8-16), who are experiencing vulnerability.

Our unique camps give children and young people the chance to experience the joy of learning, growth and connection — with close, 1:1 support from volunteer youth mentors. In 2023, we delivered:

    • 53+ camps

    • 3716 participants 

    • 40+ day programs

    • 91 professional development sessions for youth volunteers

For Communities Experiencing Adversity

We walk alongside many people, seeking to connect people and communities and co-designing our programs to ensure our programs and activities are relevant, culturally safe and make lasting social impact. Our diverse communities include First Nations Peoples, refugee and asylum seeker families, CALD communities and those experiencing vulnerability and disadvantage.  

In partnership with local organisations and communities, we’ve developed programs, activities and initiatives that create everyday and life-long positive impact for children, young people, families and communities to thrive, including: 

    • 1:1 Learning Support programs
    • Community workshops & education
    • Arts & Culture Workshops
    • Social enterprise development

For First Nations People, Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Climate Change

The Edmund Rice Centre for Justice and Community Education takes action on the pressing social justice issues that affect First Nations people, refugees and asylum seekers and those impacted by climate change. 

We walk hand in hand with community in every action we take, seeking to amplify their voices in national and international forums.