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We build communities where people can thrive and belong. Edmund Rice Community Services (ERCS) is an organisation that creates life-changing learning and growth experiences for people facing adversity in our community — especially young people and their families. 

ERCS is committed to creating an environment of safety and wellbeing for people of all identities and abilities, regardless of age, race, LGBTIQA+ identification, disability, religion, or socio-economic background.

Our Initiatives

Who We Are

The way to end disadvantage — is together. From our youth camps to our advocacy work, everything we do at ERCS is guided by one core belief: that a sense of belonging and connection lays the foundation every young person needs to thrive. 

Inspired by our founder, Edmund Rice, our programs are designed to respond to the unique abilities, needs and circumstances of each young person or group in our care.

We engage. We listen. Then, we use empathy and understanding to tailor every ERCS experience to meet the individual needs of the participant in front of us. To develop their skills and confidence — and inspire change that’s felt for generations.

Our Values


We believe that every person is fundamentally deserving of respect, inclusion and the right to self-determination.  Regardless of age or circumstance, we give every individual a voice to shape the experiences we create together.


We exist to create real change. The kind of change that takes real commitment: to building authentic relationships, to honest and transparent communication — and to always doing what we say we’ll do. 



We believe that everyone has the right to live free from barriers created by adversity, both visible and invisible. Our role is to empower young people with the resilience, self-confidence and hope to break the cycle.


We understand that social and ecological injustice thrives where there is no one to challenge it. We are driven to be a protesting voice, standing up for equality and the restoration of human rights.

Our Vision

Together, building communities where that thrive and belong.

Our Mission

In the spirit of Edmund Rice, our community seeks to build authentic relationships, learning together about people’s everyday experience of the world. We are ordinary people understanding that our interactions and support for each other can create extraordinary moments of change for the common good.